"What is good for timespacemagic is good for the country."

We are timespacemagic, a studio startup in Singapore that specialises in mobile games.

All we want is the work to be good. Damn bloody good. We're not there yet. But we'll keep trying.

Run Hanns Run! is all about spinning the wheel with Hamster Hanns... for Science!
Run with Hanns and spin his wheel through 3 stages of finger-cripplin' fun! With the power of hamster legs and electric dynamos, you'll be busy toasting bread, hatching little chicks from eggs, or just taking your one-wheel drive for a spin in the desert. Nothing is impossible when you're a hamster. Run, Hanns, Run!

Run Hanns Run! is out on both App Store and Google Play.

Marbles in Wanderland is all about protecting our lovable mascot cat by destroying everything in its path. Choose from a variety of cat-weapons and
grind your way to freedom!

Marbles in Wanderland is out on both App Store and Google Play.

Our first game, Marbles is Hungry, is targeted at casual gamers looking for
a quick fix. Its deceptively simple gameplay will put your reflexes to the test!
This is the perfect game to shave off those ten minutes while on the bus or
waiting for your friend. And it's got a cat!

Marbles is Hungry is available on App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Lian Yuanlin is the Laser Commander. Jack of all trades, master of some, his mutant ability allows him to convert
his body fat into any programming language.

Jonathan Ong is the Binary Bourgeois; what is good for Jonathan Ong is good for the country. He only deals in
ones and zeroes, but he'll make an exception for you.

Lee Kwok Onn is the local Photoshop Operator, and his religious beliefs allow him to work only on projects that
involve robots or cats. Fortunately we have both.